Frontline the siege

How does he view the siege? Brian asks Kate to arrange an interview with a psychologist specialising in siege-related trauma. What motives does Brian have for inviting a specialist like this onto the show? How might it affect what is presented and how it is shown and received?

Frontline the siege

Vijay Prashad Print edition: The exodus was prompted by intense clashes as Kurdish fighters tried to hold off an assault on Kobane by the fighters of the Islamic State. Some of Frontline the siege members on a road in Qamishli in Syria on September If they take Kobane, the Islamic State will have control over the entire length of the central span of the Turkish-Syrian border.

For months on end, the heavily armed Islamic State Daesh armies have tried to capture this city and its surrounding villages. In September, Daesh threw its heavy artillery at this strategic city and breached the lines, sending tens of thousands of Kurdish residents towards the nearby Turkish border.

The military ability of Daesh grew as it commanded U. At the time of writing this, the line to defend Kobane remains unbroken. By the time this article comes out in print, it is likely that Daesh would have taken Kobane.

It would be a major defeat for the Kurdish armies.

This story was co-published with Frontline PBS. The year-old, excited by his handiwork at the bloody rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last summer, quickly went online to boast. He used the. A siege is a unique phenomenon in a war: the entire city becomes the frontline, where fighters and civilians struggle and live together. For Sarajevans, their resistance was as much political, intellectual and artistic as it was military. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege game details. Rainbow Six: Siege takes the Tom Clancy tactical shooter and gives it a multiplayer overhaul. Two teams fight over hostages and hunt each other down, shooting down walls, crashing through ceilings and blowing just about everything up.

Why has Daesh put so much of its firepower and its fighters into the fight against the city of Kobane? Over the course of the past two years, Daesh has tried to capture as much territory as possible towards the Turkish border. Turkey has, despite its claim to close its border posts, been—for reasons to be explored below—lax with its border posts.

To the west of Kobane lies the border town of Jarabulus, captured by Daesh whose fighters routinely use this border post to resupply from Turkish markets. From Tal Abayd, Daesh fighters who are wounded have been going to the Turkish city of Urfa, where they have been known to receive free medical treatment at Odessa Hospital, and at Ceylanpinar Public Hospital.

Barzan Iso, a Syrian Kurdish journalist, says that Qatari charities have been using the Jarabulus crossing to get aid to Daesh. If Daesh takes Kobane, it will have control over the entire length of the central span of the Turkish-Syrian border.

Kurdistan The Kurds are an ancient people who have not been able to realise their modern aspirations.

Frontline the siege

Numbering 30 million, they live in a belt from Iran through Iraq into Syria and Turkey. When the Ottoman Empire collapsed in the aftermath of the First World War, the Kurdish desire for a nation state was dismissed out of hand by the regional actors and the imperial powers.

The elements of Kurdish nationality lived close to the surface—a common language with roots in old Indo-Iranian and a culture that is diverse but rooted in common legends.

None of this mattered to the imperial powers and a newly aggressive Turkey. Revolts felt imperial steel. The Turkish-Syrian-Iraqi borderlands have never meant much to the Kurdish people.

Their ancient connections took them across the border posts for trade and tradition. They had fought in each of their countries for independence or autonomy, with little success until the s.

In more recent times, the Kurdish resistance movement used its alignments in these neighbouring states for refuge. Repression in the immediate aftermath of the Turkish military coup in sent the fighters into Syria, where they regrouped in Qamishli and other towns.

Between Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, the Kurdish people have held fast through commonalities of language and custom, eager to create a national home for their people. These routes drew the political linkages of the Kurdish nationalists tighter. The heart of Kurdish nationalism committed itself to ideas of socialism and secularism.

For a decade, the Iraqi Kurds were able to form state institutions in an oil-rich region, building the experience of governance with U.

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Sincethe PKK has been in an armed struggle against the Turkish government. Experienced PKK fighters used the Iraqi Kurdish area for respite and created secret bases in the mountainous border region.

AfterIraqi Kurdistan consolidated its state institutions. Since then, Turkish and Syrian Kurds routinely came to Iraq to study and to work.

Iraqi Kurdistan showed that older national aspirations could come to life.

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For most of the parties—but for the PKK—previous Marxist allegiances fell away. Rojava The uprising in Syria afforded the Syrian Kurds an opportunity to create their own state.The fate of half a million people in Kobane hangs in the balance as Islamic State fighters try to capture the Syrian city.

If they take Kobane, the Islamic State will have control over the entire length of the central span of the Turkish-Syrian border. What is Brian's reaction to news of the siege? How does he view the siege? Brian asks Kate to arrange an interview with a psychologist specialising in siege-related trauma.

Watch full-length episodes of PBS documentary series FRONTLINE for free. Yemen Under Siege - Safa Al Ahmad makes a dangerous trip to report on the fighting in Yemen and the human cost of the war.

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