Five great things of the 1960s

But the rules changed.

Five great things of the 1960s

The most popular fads from decades past Find out what was popular when your parents were kids, or take a nostalgic trip down memory lane from your own childhood: Afros Everyone had an afro. It was the hairdoo of choice. The bigger the better. Even the girls had afros.

Balsa Wood Airplanes Model planes made from balsa wood.

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Kids would make them and fly them just like paper airplanes, but they would fly better. Companies stopped making them because kids were sniffing the glue used to make the planes.

Banana Seats People used to ride bicycles that had long seats that curved at the back. These were known as banana seats. Barbie Dolls Byone hundred million dollars of Barbie merchandise was sold. Barbie is the one to help make Mattel the biggest toy company in the world. Barbie was names after the daughter for the idea.

Beatlemania Rabid Beatles fans suffered from Beatlemania. People would faint at their concerts and even just from seeing them perform on tv. Elvis Presley, Sonny and Cher helped make bellbottoms a fashion statement for the hippies and counter-culture audience.

They were typically made of denim until they were produced with corduroy and polyester so they could be worn in any situation. Black Light In the late sixties, black light put things in a new perspective - adding a fluorescent glow to the room.

White T-shirts and teeth would light up the room with their bright white glow. Black light would reveal secret symbols or slogans on posters located in college dorm room.

These lights also appeared in nightclubs and theater productions around the country, creating a surreal atmosphere.

Five great things of the 1960s

Coupled with a strobe light, black lights created a disorienting purple haze. Nowadays, you can still find these black lights in nightclubs. There are more fluorescent materials on the market - paints, dyes, and clothes, markers - that seem to come to life with the existence of the black light.

It was a difficult style to wear, time consuming to achieve and required a great number of tools to concoct. Came to an end about after the assassination of President Kennedy. Fallout Shelters With the threat of a nuclear war on the horizon, some Americans looked for ways to protect themselves from horrible destruction.

They decided upon bomb proof, fallout shelters.

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Most looked like basic units, providing space only for necessities which were generally only two-week supplies while others looked like small guesthouses, equipped with pool tables, paintings and wine cellars.

Worn by women from Los Angeles to New York, at nightclubs all over. Nancy Sinatra also chopped the charts with "these boots are made for walking" establishing her as the poster child for go-go boots.

Granny Glasses Was once a fashion statement of vibrant youth, also known as Ben Franklin glasses. Within about 2 years from its beginning, the granny glasses had soon died out, and became undecidedly cool.

Hair Ironing Once the troublesome bouffant had begun to look old, young girls in the northeastern states staged a revolt. Taking up hot irons and ironed their hair dead straight. Love Beads Love beads came in a variety of patterns and were given as gifts between friends or made by the person wearing them.

They were worn around the neck and wrist and were very colorful.

Five great things of the 1960s

They could be purchased in a store or could be made at home. Miniskirts achieved the height of their popularity around By that point, virtually every young woman was wearing one, most as a sign of rebellion. Demure was out, "letting it all hang out" was in. Mood Rings The famous black oval ring that changed colors when the mood of the person changed.

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s Inventions The Sixties have been described by historians as the ten years having the most significant changes in history. By the end of the 60’s humanity had entered the spaceage by putting a man on the moon.

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