Corn seed germination lab report

Ever feel that way about a silage analysis from a forage lab?

Corn seed germination lab report

Herbicides that are not organic anyway. We use glyphosate on our farm. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup. I have never seen our wheat germinate as poorly as the right half of that picture shows.

And not over a wide area like a whole field that has a history of Roundup treatments. I am positive based on lots of first-hand experience and education. Currently there are no glyphosate-tolerant varieties of wheat on the market.

Let me explain how wheat and glyphosate both work on my farm. How long would I have to wait before I plant my crop? My answer can be found on the Roundup FAQ page. For all other Roundup brand agricultural herbicides or under stressful weather conditionsyou must wait a minimum of 24 hours before seeding or working the land.

With all Roundup brand agricultural herbicides we recommend that you wait 72 hours under good growing conditions before seeding or tillage. There are significant amounts of research and development that goes into these label directions and although those are from an FAQ, they restate what is on the label.

In certain instances glyphosate is sprayed on a growing wheat crop to ready the crop for harvest while managing weed pressure. A photo from June of our wheat and corn in adjacent fields.

We plant wheat and corn side-by-side at times, just like the photo above shows we did in This soil probably receives a glyphosate treatment at least once a year depending on the crop.

Now I suppose you have no reason to believe what I say anymore than that Facebook photo. We have a lot of things to consider, even worry about, as we grow crops but the long-term effects of glyphosate is one I feel very comfortable with.

We use a product called Harmony Extra to manage weeds in our wheat. It would be easy to mislead people who may not know a lot about farming practices.

And these well-meaning people could get worked up enough to share it with other people wanting to help a farmer like me out. I just hope they are also willing to listen to someone with first-hand experience too.

What do you think about the photo I shared?LABOUR WEEKEND GARDENING TIME. Labour Weekend puts us about bang in the middle of spring, which is the time deemed historically in New Zealand, as the best time to get your gardens planted out for the summer and autumn.

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Corn seed germination lab report

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